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The main function of Power Supply

stable voltage: When the grid voltage fluctuation occurs instantaneously the power supply will be 10-30ms response time to compensate for the voltage amplitude to stabilize voltage within ± 2%. View>>

DC Power Supply

DC Power supply is also known as DC-DC power supply regulator. It is mostly a supply voltage of AC voltage, when the AC supply voltage of the voltage or output load resistance changes, the regulator output voltage can be directly maintain stability. Regul View>>

AC Regulated Power Supply

AC power supply also known as AC voltage stabilizer. With the development of electronic technology, especially computer technology to various industries, scientific research fields, the variety of electronic devices require a stable AC power supply, power View>>

Power Supply Classification

According to a stable factors, it can be divided into AC and DC voltage regulator. Whether it is exchange regulator, or DC voltage regulator, depending on the regulator output voltage is AC or DC. View>>

Common Malfunctions and Troubleshooting for Regulated Power Supply

Common Malfunctions and Troubleshooting for Regulated Power Supply View>>

Regulated power supply daily maintenance

regulated power supply should be placed in ventilated, dry, non-direct sunlight, non-corrosive gases indoor; View>>

Load Classification

In accordance with the nature of the load: resistive load, inductive load, capacitive load. View>>

Note the optional power supply

When you purchase regulated power supply, it is recommended to choose at least three times greater than the actual power of the regulated power supply, because the regulated power supply in practical work need to overcome the impact of municipal power sur View>>

Power Supply Applications

AC power supply are widely used in computers and peripheral devices, medical electronic equipment, communications broadcasting equipment, industrial electronic equipment, automatic production lines and regulation and protection in other modern high-tech p View>>

The necessity of using the regulated power supply

The voltage instability would result in a fatal injury or equipment malfunction, affecting the production, resulting in delivery delays, inconsistent quality, and many losses. View>>

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