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Netmate II Mini Standard UPS Network Monitor



Netmate II mini UPS network monitoring adapter is a conprehensive network of centralized monitor for UPS products. It has different built-in protocols and can support most of the UPS, refinement air conditioner, intelligent power distribution cabinets from home and abroad and can monitor at the centralized platform.

It has function of alarming by sending e-mail and SMS and has scheduled tasks, historical events, historical data logging; its graphical interface is easy to operate. This product is mature and a stable hardware platform, and capable to extend temperature and humidity detection module.

·Application Area:

It is ideal for various service network, self-service network and scattered power resource machine rooms.

·System integrated application:

It provides open software connector(SNMP,OPC) and it is convenient for seamless integration with third-party software.


■Networking: IP-based LAN, WAN, Internet, ADSL, E1, wireless Ethernet, etc.;

■Support SNMP, HTTP, DNS, SMTP, DHCP, SNTP and other network protocols;

■Remote monitoring via the network UPS;

■Web-based user interface connector;

■Compatible of multi-brand models of UPS;

■Support SMS alerts;

■Support E-mail alerts;

■Multi-user rights management;

■Support DHCP;

■Support remote self-test, shut down and restart the UPS function (need UPS support);

■Support telnet, HyperTerminal, WEB page layout;

■Support the scheduled task (timed self-test, on / off);

■Historical events and data logging functions;

■Remote UPS monitoring and management through HTTP, SNMP, Java applet, Telnet, and IP Power;

■Complete process of UPS events (including event logging and notification);

■Complete management function (data log, SNTP and work schedule);

■Capable to extend the surrounding environment temperature and humidity detection function;

■Network shutdown protection function for computer overload.

·Technical Specifications

■12V DC power supply;

■2xRS232 asynchronous serial communication port (for communication with UPS and parameter configuration);

■1xRS422/485 Modbus bus communication port can be cascaded (used to connect intelligent temperature and humidity detection module and battery tester, etc.);

■1/10/100M adaptive fast Ethernet interface (physical interface: RJ-45 socket);

■Built-in comprehensive TCP / IP network function module, support for HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, DHCP, DNS and other network protocols;

■It can monitor through a Web browser for remote locations of the UPS power supply, UPS battery, temperature and humidity of the network monitoring and management, in  particular, to establish a strong Web Server management module that allows users on any operating system platform through a Web browser to facilitate to real-time status information, basic information management, remote operation control, the parameters set, user management, historical data inquiry comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities, and through SMS or E-mail to a user or system administrator to send alerts information;

■It can record on the card a certain length of historical events and historical data;

■It supports the online network upgrades and can be carried out directly on the remote management center to upgrade the software of the monitoring equipment;

■Built-in long life of the system clock, and support automatic error correction in order to achieve clock synchronization;

■It can cooperate with the SMS alarm server and send massage for alarm when when equipment has malfunction.

·Typical Network Monitoring Topological Diagram