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GB50462-2015数据中心基础设施施工及验收规范 View>>

GB50174-2017 数据中心设计规范

GB50174-2017 数据中心设计规范 View>>

WBT 1061-2016 Waste battery recycling management specification

WBT 1061-2016 Waste battery recycling management specification View>>

Data center UPS power supply system of intelligent monitoring and management

Intelligent management and communication system are consist of a series of UPS software and intelligent accessories. View>>

Formulation and application in UPS industry standard

It is a high technology content, faster replacement products to achieve uninterruptible power supply (UPS) power conversion and power transmission, which have been widely used in industrial, energy, transportation, finance, information, aerospace, defense View>>

Application and principle of IGBT -- Selection and protection

For IGBT, no conducting channel will be formed with no voltage on G and, the resistance of C-E is particularly high . Therefore, digital multimeter “×10KΩ”gear, show the value similar to "∞". View>>

A new generation of 500kW photovoltaic grid-connected inverter

With the economic development, human’s demand for energy is growing and the sustainable development of energy is more and more important. View>>

The rapid development of modular UPS will become a mainstream product

Modular UPS has become the development trend of UPS because it is highly available, easy to install, maintain and expand. The development of Communication Switching DC Power Supply has set an example for UPS. View>>

Analysis on status and trend of China PV inverter market in 2013

2009 saw the very beginning of China producing PV inverter. In 2010, affected by the small market base, the market grew fast. It was, however, until the second half of the year 2011 that China PV inverter market began to develop rapidly as the increase of View>>

UPS power development trend and prospect analysis

Over the past more than one hundred years, electric power has become the most significant energy foundation of the modern industry. View>>

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